No-Needle Vasectomy


There are several options to consider when a couple decides they do not want to have any more children.  The only permanent solutions are vasectomy or tubal ligation. 

A vasectomy is a procedure that can be done in the office with a local anesthetic.  Dr. Hendricks now performs this procedure without the use of needles utilizing a new device that instills the anesthetic with significantly less, if any, pain than the traditional needle method.  The benefit and decreased anxiety for patients is tremendous using this advanced technique.  This device has just recently become available and can be viewed at

Dr. Hendricks does vasectomies using the no needle approach with both the scalpel-free technique as well as using a scalpel.  The amount of pain and discomfort using the scalpel is no greater than the scalpel-free technique, but he will gladly do whatever technique the patient prefers.  Many urologists use the no-scalpel technique simply to market their practice more, but there is really no added benefit to using that technique.  Dr. Hendricks has performed hundreds of vasectomies using each technique.

Napa Valley Urology schedules most of their vasectomies on Friday.  This allows for the working male to only need to take one day off work and return to work the following Monday.


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