Office BPH Laser Treatment
Utilizing the Biolitec Diode Laser

The Biolitec diode laser is the most advanced solution for BPH for several reasons:

  • It is a minimally invasive procedure that can be done in the office.
  • It is a safe and reliable alternative to drug treatment.
  • It usually takes 45 minutes or less and is tolerated well.
  • There is no need to stay in the hospital afterwards.
  • It is much more effective than microwave treatment.
  • It opens up the urinary channel as well as a green light laser or holmium laser prostatectomy, but can be more easily done in the office.

Click Here for A Video Demonstration of the Procedure

And here to see theLaser Vaporisation of Prostate Tissue with biolitec Evolve

Napa Valley Urology now offers outpatient office treatment for BPH utilizing a diode laser.  This exciting new laser, manufactured by Biolitec, vaporizes the prostate as effectively as the green light laser. 

Patients have been tolerating this procedure very well in the office, and thus far have had excellent results.  After the procedure, the patient goes home with a urinary catheter, most often for just one night.  Once the catheter is out, the urinary stream is most often much stronger than before.  Patients will still urinate fairly frequently afterwards for a few weeks until any swelling goes down.  However, once this occurs….which can be within a couple of days to a couple of months….the results are dramatic!

Below is some more technical aspects about the laser for those interested.  We also have some more information in our office that is available upon consultation.

With its unique wavelength, the biolitec urological 980nm 150 Watt Laser produces unparalleled results that can eliminate scarring and tissue damage. Because of the 980nm's ability to work in tight fields while providing excellent control of bleeding, endoscopic procedures with the laser are often simplified - and visibility is exceptional.

Selective Light Vaporization (SLV) is the process of eliminating unwanted soft tissue using a specialized laser system and fiber optic probe. Selective Light Vaporization of soft tissue is less invasive than traditional surgery resulting in less pain, discomfort, and quicker recovery times. Selective Light Vaporization of soft tissue with biolitec’s urological 980nm Laser System is a minimally invasive procedure, and one of the most advanced options available. Risks to the patient and recovery time are greatly reduced.

Tissue Interaction

Because soft tissue contains a high percentage of water, a surgical laser must be well absorbed in water to ablate tissue properly. Also, absorption in hemoglobin is imperative for char-free coagulation and successful hemostasis. The significance of the 980nm wavelength is that it provides the highest absorption in water and hemoglobin from the same wavelength. Considering the absorption characteristics of water and hemoglobin together, 980nm is the ideal wavelength for both cutting and coagulating soft tissue.

biolitec Urology 980nm laser system features

  • Biolitec Ceralas D (980nm, up to 150 W)
  • special optical fiber: SideFiber™
  • continuous and pulse mode
  • easy and quick to set up and use
  • special software for surgical applications
  • compact and truly portable
  • ideal for their use in both out-patient surgery and operating room
  • no routine maintenance costs

Technical Specifications

Wavelengths 980 nm
Laser power 15, 25, 50, 100 & 120 Watts
Emmission modes continuous and pulsed
Length of pulses/intervals 0.01 – 99.9 seconds
Aiming beam 635 nm – 4 mW
Power supply 110 V, 50/60 Hz 0


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