Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are very common and affect about 5 percent of the population at some time during their life.  These stones can cause an incredible amount of pain when they start passing their way through the urinary system.  This pain has been noted by many to be more intense than that of having a child.  If you or somebody you know has a kidney stone, consultation with a urologist is of paramount importance.  A urologist can offer assistance in treatments to facilitate passage of the stone, help to intervene if the stone will not pass, and help to prevent formation of more kidney stones in the future.

There are some excellent links by national urological communities that have all the information you need to understand kidney stones, from why they form to options for treatment. is a very informative site created by the American Urological Associaton, a professional association that Dr. Hendricks is an active member of.   They have an excellent page on passing a kidney stone here.  The Medical managment of kidney stones is described here, surgical management here.

The NIDDK has another informative page on kidney stones here, as well as a page on what you need to know about kidney stones here.

Dr. Hendricks has helped hundreds of patients with kidney stones by helping them manage their disease both medically and surgically.  He performs all of the latest minimally invasive techniques to treat stones with minimal discomfort.  The prevention of the formation of further stones is of paramount importance and is stressed during patient evaluation. 

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