Green Light Laser

  1. PVP patients are able to go home the same day.  TURP usually requires a one to three night stay in the hospital.
  2. There is less bleeding and subsequent blood loss with PVP.  Patients on blood-thinning medications have been safely treateed with PVP while on those medications.
  3. Less fluid is absorbed by the body in PVP.  A small percentage of patients during TURP will absorb enough to get water overload in their blood, causing hyponatremia (low sodium levels in the blood), which can have harmful affects on the body.  This does not happen with PVP.
  4. The chance of having erectile problems after TURP, while uncommon at 5 percent, is rarely seen and is less than 1 percent.  Dr. Hendricks has never seen a patient have new onset erectile problems after PVP.
  5. The improvement in symptoms after PVP using the AUA symptom score and maximal urinary flow rate are equivalent to TURP.

    The safety and efficacy of PVP have indeed made it the new gold standard in the treatment of BPH. 

As of late May 2006, the newer generation green light laser has become available and is being used.  This laser is more powerful and just as safe as the older generation laser.  This is advantageous because the procedure can now be done quicker.  With the older machines, the procedure can take 2 hours or more to perform, depending on the size of the prostate.  The newer machines are able to vaporize the prostate 30 to 50 percent faster! 

Dr. Hendricks has performed well over 200 green light laser prostatectomies and has seen tremendous results with the procedure.  The majority of patients have had significant improvement of their urinary symptoms.  Only 3 patients to date have not experienced benefit from the procedure, for a success rate of 98.5 percent!

For more information on what you need to know before what to expect after the procedure click here.


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