Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is diagnosed in about 52,000 people a year in the United States.   Over half of these cancers are directly associated with smoking, while another 20 to 25 percent are associated with working with certain chemicals and solvents. 

The majority of bladder cancers are detected because of blood in the urine, either gross (you can see it) or microscopic (only seen under the microscope).  Most of these tumors are localized just to the surface of the bladder and are curable. has an excellent, comprehensive page on everything you need to know about bladder cancer located here.  At the bottom of the page, above the glossary, is a link to the AUA Guidelines Patient Guide on the Management of Bladder Cancer.  This is a pdf file that requires an Adobe Acrobat reader.  This a a very useful guide that you can print out and share with others.

Dr. Hendricks follows a large number of patients with bladder cancer.  He offers tailored treatment for each individual and uses all currently available treatment options appropriately.


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