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Dr. James Hendricks offers the latest, most innovative techniques, including but not limited to:

Robotic Prostatectomy for Prostate cancer*:  since 2002, 4-8 cases/month.

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery (removal of kidney for cancer, reconstructive techniques, cryoablation):  since 2000, 5-8 cases/month.

Kidney and prostate cryoablation for cancer*:  since 1994, 2-5 cases/month. 

Surgical correction of female stress incontinence/ pelvic floor prolapse*:  3-7  cases/month.

Therapy for BPH, including Green Light Laser Prostatectomy (PVP), In-office Biolitec diode laser treatment, microwave therapy, radiofrequency ablation:  5-10 cases/month*.

Treatment of male incontinence and erectile dysfunction.
*Serves as surgical proctor, teaching other urologists how to perform these techniques.

All patients desire and deserve the best outcome possible after having any type of procedure done.  Dr. Hendricks has the surgical volume and expertise to offer the best outcomes to his patients.  He regularly has results that are equivalent to and even better than those seen at major academic centers. 

Napa Valley Urology Associates has the privilege of providing patients with state-of-the-art urological care in a beautiful setting.  Their office is available to help patients with all urological problems and provide all of the latest innovative treatments.  Recognizing that the art of Medicine is continuously evolving, Dr. James Hendricks goes out of his way to educate himself on the latest innovations in both surgical and non-surgical treatments of urological disorders.  In doing so, he has gained tremendous experience in performing the latest, minimally invasive procedures. 

Dr. Hendricks has been performing advanced minimally invasive urology longer than the vast majority of urologists in the country.  He has been doing urological laparoscopic oncology, including laparoscopy to remove kidney and prostate cancer, since the year 2000.  He began utilizing the Da Vinci robotic system for advanced laparoscopic work in 2002.  He has been doing prostatic cryosurgery since 1994 and kidney cryosurgery since 2004.  He serves as a surgical proctor and regularly teaches other doctors how to perform robotic prostatectomy, kidney and prostate cryoablation, female pelvic floor reconstruction, and laser prostate treatment.  Since using these new technologies, Dr. Hendricks has seen outcomes that are equivalent to more invasive techniques while allowing for quicker and easier recovery.  This has benefited patients greatly, enhancing their quality of life.                                                                                                                                                   
Napa Valley Urology is a very friendly, courteous office where patients can feel comfortable discussing their most personal issues.  Their office staff has been working together for years and they have learned to make the office visit as pleasant as possible for their patients.  They recognize that your problems are personal and always protect your confidentiality.  There is always somebody available to answer any of your questions and their doctors will always return your calls in person, usually within 24 hours. 

From this page you can navigate by the link tabs on the left to some of the latest innovative techniques as well as common urological conditions.  Most urological problems can be treated without the need for surgery.  If a condition is found that could best be treated by surgery or if surgery is an option, then there are a variety of minimally invasive techniques that can be used which involve much less pain and quicker recovery than traditional open surgery. 

State-of-the-art technology and new innovative techniques pervade all fields of urology.  There are currently minimally invasive options for most urological cancers (prostate, kidney, bladder, and testicular), benign prostatic enlargement in men, pelvic floor disorders and incontinence in women, and kidney stones.  Dr. Hendricks strongly believes that not offering these treatments in a quality fashion would be a disservice to his patients.  He is one of few urologists around that has been trained and does all of them with regularity.  Most urologists do not offer these techniques.  Follow the link tabs for more information on each of these.

Dr. James Hendricks provides many services right in the office.  All in-patient care and surgical procedures that require an operating room are done at the Queen of the Valley Hospital, an outstanding facility that has consistently been recognized as a leader in health care in the Bay Area.  By providing all of his services in one office and a hospital right next door, Dr. Hendricks is always available for any problems a patient may have. Compre un Viagra generico en farmacias espanolas en esta farmacia.


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